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Are you in need of an expert to review litigation involving drug therapy, adverse drug effects, or drug-drug interactions?

Or are you looking for an experienced reviewer for or contributor to pharmacology text books?

If so, contact me. I have a depth and breadth of knowledge of pharmacology and drug therapy, including 38 years of award-winning teaching to medical and other health professions students, plus federally-funded research and peer-reviewed publicatoins, that you may have trouble finding elsewhere.

You can view and download a current copy of my CV here.

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Background: This page was set up in the early 2000s mainly to house my pharmacology teaching materials (lecture notes and slides; practice exams) for medical and other health professions students at the University of Michigan. There were hundreds of files covering a broad range of topics in pharmacology and drug therapy. But it's all been removed, in part because I have retired, and am now Professor Emeritus (Department of Pharmacology, University of Michigan Medical School); and mainly because although that material was copyrighted it was used without permission by too many people in too many places outside the University of Michigan.

The main purpose of what remains is to let others who may have a need for an expert consultant I'm available. I've authored two editions of a widely used pharmacology text for nursing students; three editions of a pharmacology board review book for medical students preparing for their first national licensure exam (Step I, USMLE); and more, all published by major medical book publishers. I have also authored over 50 scientific articles based on my research in peer-reviewed journals.

Over many years I have been retained by several private and government attorneys as an expert witness on medical malpractice and negligence cases, focusing on such issues as drug adverse effects, drug-drug interactions, inappropriate drug therapies, and much more. My extensive and intensive knowledge in many areas of pharmacology and drug therapy have been great assets to those for whom I have consulted. In addition to doing such reviews, The opinions I render are fact-based, thorough, current, fair and honest, clear, and as technical or as lay-level as my employers have requested.