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Let's put the FUN back in dysfunctional!

Pharm teaching materials, Great Lakes boating, underwater photography, weather, other stuff... An odd combination, but interesting and informative I hope.

Item 1 on the old bucket list: Corvette. Check!!

Pharmacology and therapeutics My hundreds of copyrighted teaching and exam materials were ripped-off too many times, so it's all moved to secure sites. Looking for a pharmacology legal expert or writer? Contact me.

Boating and cruising in the Great Lakes, with a focus on the West End of Lake Erie: where to go, how to get there, and why you might want to visit.

Underwater photography from the Caribbean and Florida Keys. A StudyWeb top-rated “Four Apple Award” site, named “one of the best educational resources on the web” in the Fine Arts-Underwater Photography category.

My libraries Some stuff I've read, and other things in my essential stack of stuff.

Weather Check the weather anywhere in the world at Wunderground. It gets my vote for the easiest to use and most comprehensive site of its kind on the web.

Local weather from my weather station (Davis Vantage Pro2), KMIANNAR29. Temp, wind, precip, pressure, and all that jazz, updated every few minutes. Click here for updates every 3 seconds.


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