I've been to ICPC world finals twice. Once in 2010 in Harbin, China and again in 2011 in Orlando, Florida. In Harbin we ended up ~35th place (technically they ranked us in a massive tie for 15th place I think) and in Orlando my team, including Jonathan Plotzke, Qifeng Chen, and myself, managed to rank 2nd and grab a gold medal. This is the second gold medal that the USA has won since 2004 (when the history on Wikipedia stopped).


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I've been to the TopCoder Open in 2007 and the inaugural Top Coder High School tournament in 2007.


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I help setup monthly contests for USACO. This includes writing problem statments, creating solutions, creating test data, and writing analysis.


I've only been involved with the IOI as a non-contestant. In 2011 I was a beta tester for the problem set and in 2012 I served as a coach at the USAICO training camp that selects the team for the IOI. One of the contestants from the USA, Johnny Ho, received the only full marks that year.

Google Code Jam

I've had the privilege of working with Google as an intern while the Google Code Jam was running. In 2008 I helped edit statements, wrote solutions, preparred data, and had one original problem aired in the finals called Bridge Builders. Much to my amusement the original images I made in mspaint were still being used in the problem statement. Additionally I helped write a few solutions for GCJ finals 2012.