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This one is such a monster it deserves it's own page. When Burroughs sold this beast around 1929 they tagged it as a series M and gave it serial number B63503. I think they called it a General Accounting Machine. It was the end of line for the evolution of the Moon Hopkins mechanism. Weighing in at about 200 pounds it even has a rearview mirror.

This particular machine was in daily use up until about 1980 at a car dealership and was retired due to the retirement of the accountant who operated it. Apparently the new accountant took one look at it and declared they were not going to learn to run that thing. A position I really don't understand, when compared to Windows it really seams intuitive and it seldom crashes :-) From the late sixties until it's retirement it was maintained by the vice president of Burroughs who had worked for Moon Hopkins before they were bought by Burroughs. He thought it was fun to get out of the office and work on such a relic.

When I get a chance I will post some detail shots of under the hood and other details.

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Last updated on August, 5 1998