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The type shuttle introduced on the Hammond typewriter was the longest lived typing mechanism in typewriter history. First produced in 1882 the basic mechanism remained in production for nearly 100 years.

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Hammond #1

SN 398, c1883, This is a very early example of the Hammond

Hammond #2,Ideal

Serial number REMODEL 10312, this typewriter would have began life as a model #1 some time around 1885 and was remodeled in to a model #2 at a later date.

Hammond #12

Serial number 123644, c1911

Hammond open multiplex

SN 151829, c1915

Hammond multiplex

SN 196406, c1916

Hammond Multiplex, Aluminum

Serial Number AL 203832, This one has an uncommon green finnish and I believe it was made for military use during World War one.

Hammond Folding Multiplex

Serial Number F 239752,


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