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links to Aviation related servers:

The Busiest Aviation Hub in Cyberspace.

Soaring Servers
A list of Soaring Servers.

Sandhill Soaring Club Homepage
Homepage for my soaring club.

South East Michigan Soaring Association (SEMSA) Homepage
Homepage for the airport that I fly out of.

Soaring Society of America (SSA)
A WWW server dedicated to soaring. Information about gliding clubs, contest schedules and results. Links to other aviation servers and other general aviation information.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR)
Collegiate Soaring Association
National Soaring Museum
Vintage Sailplane Association
German to English Soaring Glossary
Soaring Records
Soaring Trader
HP Sailplane Resources
Schreder Sailplane Designs
NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive


Sailplane Performance and Flight Test Links:

Glider Speed-To-Fly Calculator
Calculate speed to fly.

UIUC Airfoil Data Site
A database of Airfoil Coordinates for over 1100 Airfoils.

Analyze an Airfoil
In addition to having a lot of great info about the art and science of airfoil analysis, this site also has a program where you can enter a set of airfoil coordinates, set some parameters, and click the "Analyze it" button. Within about a minute, you get two or three pages of graphs and tables.

Foil 1.2
Foil 1.2 is the latest version of Gregory Payne's airfoil plotting program for the Macintosh. Foil 1.2 plots high resolution airfoils from text files, allows section comparisons, and can create coordinate tables from scanned airfoil images. (Foil 1.2 is free but not public domain.)

J-Foil 0.1
J-Foil 0.1, written by Doug Hoffman, is a tool for creating high quality airfoil plots using the Macintosh computer and a printer. Skin thickness adjustments can be made, thus producing rib plots. (J-Foil 0.1 is free but not public domain.)

MacFoil is a shareware Macintosh program that creates plots of airfoils, and is intended for builders of model aircraft. In addition to drawing the airfoil itself, it can also draw template boundaries, sheeting allowances, reference lines, and up to 10 spars. You can edit the airfoil's thickness and camber, add washout (or washin) to a template, and export the airfoil data to a text file.

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