the all-seeingeye McFeely's: Good Fastenings

I loathe bad hardware. In particular, I loathe bad fastenings. There must be a special circle of hell for the people who distribute screws whose slots strip at the first provocation. There is one brand of nationally distributed hardware-which I can not name-that is especially poor. If the screws are actually steel, it must be the poorest quality available. They are so inferior that when I must use one of their products-a hinge for example, I throw away all the fasteners and replace them from my dwindling stash of pre-1970 hardware.

When I find a supplier of top quality fasteners, I tend to stick with them. I just got my first order of bronze boat screws from McFeeley's and I am impressed. They are a solid, well cut, well finished product. The square drive pretty much eliminates head stripping even in materials like silicon bronze. Inexpensive they were not-but well within the price range for other suppliers of bronze hardware.

I can not yet vouch for any other part of their product line, but based on this example and comments by others I would expect similar standards for anything else they sell.