the all-seeingeyeShop Notes

Shop Notes is a series of brief articles dealing with specific woodworking projects or ideas. They are not meant as instruction in general woodworking methods. In all cases it is assumed you have the necessary experience to evaluate the project and operate your tools safely. These plans are provided without warranty of any kind. It is assumed that the user is a sufficiently experienced woodworker to verify dimensions and construction details.

image of trunk

Blanket Trunk on Legs

(472k pdf file) January, 2003

image of bench

Hold-down Strips for Workbenches

(pdf file, 1.5MB) August, 2001

image of corner cabinet

Corner Cabinet

(483k pdf file, 11X17 format) September, 2002

image of through-hull

Through-Hull Grommet

(890k pdf August 2002)

image of sawhorse


(pdf file, 404K) April, 2002

image of roll-out

Roll Out Kitchen Shelves

(pdf file, 236K), March, 2002

image of knob

Knobs for Hold-downs

(pdf file, 316K) March, 2002

image of drawer pull

Jigs for Assembling Drawer Pulls

(pdf file, 612K) March, 2002

image of press

Bookbinder's Standing Press

(pdf file, 632K) June, 2003

Mast Hoop Form (1.2 MB PDF)

Panel Cutting Sled

(pdf file, 584K) June, 2003