Floor Panel

A floor unit is almost identical to a wall panel, except that it is one-sided, does not have t-nuts for legs, and is faced with 1/2" plywood.

Build The Floor Grid

Notch vertical and horizontal struts as for the basic panel. Assemble the grid as shown. Face only 1 side with 1/2" plywood. Allow to dry overnight.

Floor Finishes

Any finish you might use for home decorating is appropriate to this panel. Vinyl tile, for instance, is available in a wide variety of finishes, some of which can simulate marble and terra-cotta. If you'd like to have a rough wood floor, you can skip the plywood altogether, and face the panel with tounge-and-groove lumber.

Combining a floor and wall panel

Begin by placing a floor unit where you need it. Attach legs to the wall unit you have chosen, but do not tighten the knobs/bolts completely-you want the legs to be able to slide a bit. Set the wall panel on top of the floor panel at one end. Slide the legs down until they touch the floor, then secure the knobs.
Studio Panel System

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