the all-seeingeye Workshops and Technical Notes

But first, consider Norm Abram. If the man is not one of the deities of the home woodworker, he should be, less for the quality of his work (which is pretty good) than for the fact that he's got every power tool known to mankind-and used other people's money to get them.

Boats and Boatbuilding

Hiring Ship's Carpenters

Building a Dinghy

Building a 28 foot Sharpie

Woodworking Projects

These plans are provided without warranty of any kind. It is assumed that the user is a sufficiently experienced woodworker to verify dimensions and construction details. If this does not describe you, don't try it. Use proper safety precautions when using any tool.

image of trunk

Blanket Trunk on Legs

(472k pdf file) January, 2003

image of bench

Hold-down Strips for Workbenches

(pdf file, 1.5MB) August, 2001

image of corner cabinet

Corner Cabinet

(483k pdf file, 11X17 format)

image of through-hull

Through-Hull Grommet

(890k pdf August 2002)

image of sawhorse


(pdf file, 404K) April, 2002

image of roll-out

Roll Out Kitchen Shelves

(pdf file, 236K), March, 2002

image of knob

Knobs for Hold-downs

(pdf file, 316K) March, 2002

image of drawer pull

Jigs for Assembling Drawer Pulls

(pdf file, 612K) March, 2002

image of press

Bookbinder's Standing Press

(pdf file, 632K) June, 2003

Pocket Joinery (June, 2003)

Panel Cutting Sled

(pdf file, 584K) June, 2003

image of sawhorses

Low-Stand Sawhorses (html)

image of toolchest

Simple Stackable Toolchests (html)

Modular Studio/Office/Workshop Furniture

Flush-Routing Thin Plywood Parts

Router Guide

Mast Hoop Form (1.2 MB PDF)

image of press

A Lever/Counterweight Bookbinder's Press (html)

Photographic Projects

Blocking a Window

silver broach

Lighting Highly Reflective Subjects (Jewelry) (html)

Fabric-covered mat,

section through cyclorama

Building a Cyclorama

Drop Ceiling Treatment

Print Drying Racks

General mat cutting

image of ventilator

Through-Door Ventilation

image of studio flat

Studio Flat System (html)

Photographic Forms