Low-Stand Sawhorses

I have an extremely small workshop-only about 9 X 15 feet. This makes working with a full sheet of plywood nearly impossible-at least until I've ripped it down to a more manageble size. The first few cuts have to be made with a circular saw in the hallway outsdie my shop-or outdoors when the weather allows. I needed a way to prop the sheets up off the floor and hold them steady. Some years ago Fine Woodworking published an article on shoji making. The author demonstrated the techniques with traditional Japanese tools, including a "sawhorse" very much like the smaller one shown above.

The two kinds of horses are made from 2 X 4's and some scrap plywood. The low boys are 16" long and 11" wide. The taller prop horse is 24" long, 16" wide, and about 5' tall. The vertical support piece is sloped backwards at about five degrees. To prop plywood, you'll need two of the tall horse, and a couple of the lower as well. I clamp the sheet of plywood to the uprights-this lets me rip horizontally without the wood binding the blade.

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