Furniture Projects


I grew up with the smell of woodshavings, glue, and paint. My father was a goldsmith who built almost all of his workbenches and office furniture-even some of the furniture now in my son's room. At first, the workbenches were heavy things of 3/4" plywood and 2X4's. This trend reached its peak in a 400 pounder that had to be abandonded when we moved-which we did often enough.

The designs presented here evolved from our need for something lighter and more easily adapted to changes in working space. All of the components required should be available at any lumber yard. The same patterns can be used to create crudely finished garage and barn furniture or finished office furniture. The only limitation is you woodworking skill and budget.

The dimensions of these projects are based upon commonly available desks, file cabinets, and lumber.



Dale Austin

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