Basic bookshelves


The most basic of bookshelves is simply a stack of boxes open on one side. Here are four possible construction techniques for these boxes.


This design is intended for light weight storage somplace like a garage, basement, or attic. It's not pretty, but it is cheap. Frames of 1 X 2 are faced on one side with 1/4" plywood or hardboard.


The medium-duty shelf is constructed of standard 1X12 lumber and 1/4" plywood or hardboard as a backing.


A heavy-duty variation is made by adding a center support board to the medium-duty design.


A furniture-grade unit can be made from hardwood plywood or solid hardwood as your budget allows. The backing is also hardwood plywood, inset into a rabbert routed into the back of the unit. Decorative trim is applied to cover the plywood edge on the front.

Variations on Size

There is no need to stick to the 30" width, so long as you work in lengths which work within the 30" module dimensions.
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