the all-seeingeyeProtecting Family Photos: Caption envelopes and storage boxes

A caption envelope and photo, with an acid-free storage box.

Once you'e gotten the information about your photographs from grandma and the other relatives, the urgent part of the project is done, but some of the most important work remains. The information you have must now be attached to the photographs in some way. A method I like is to print information blocks on acid-free envelopes of different sizes. Some of these are shown here. (picture to follow) The information block has places for the catalog number, date, places, and people present, as well as a section for a description.

Now you get to sit down and write out descriptions for every photograph on its envelope. Be sure not to write in the envelope while the picture is inside. A good dark pencil is better for this than a pen. If by chance you make a mark on a photograph, there is a chance at getting the pencil off. When all the photos are in their envelopes, and the envelopes in archival storage boxes, you're a long way toward preserving a part of your family's heritage.

Next step: Handling Proxies.