the all-seeingeyeSticks and Stones

From time to time, somebody will take exception to the contents of this web site, and feel compelled to write. For the most part, these folks have been polite in their disagreement. I'll usually respond in kind. Once in a while the offended party will decide on rudeness as an approach. This is just to let you know, if you are considering that approach, not to bother. Doesn't bother me. Water off the ducks back and all of that. Here's why:

You're a pipsqueak. On the scale of things affecting my well-being, insults are far behind a backed-up toilet. I've had more annoying hangnails.

This was not always true, mind you. For far too many years I worried about insults. So, what changed? For starters, the universe has made it quite clear, on more than one occasion, that my continued existence is of no concern to it. A series of life and death close calls tend to put thing in perspective. My fellow H. sapiens has helped put things in perspective as well. The loudest sound you will ever hear is the slide on an automatic being pulled back on a pitch-black night. Trust me on this. So, a few insults? Not even in the same league.