the all-seeingeyePDAs: The Ultimate Laptop

My favorite toy.

I was about ready to go fully Luddite on computers. Seemed like every one of them was crashing, destroying data, and needed constant upgrading. Then I got a Palm Pilot 125M. It was an impulse purchase-I was having a toolish day. I’ve had a Day Runner, and I’ve carried a notebook with me at all times. Both were bulky. In the first case I had to live with someone else’s version of order, and in the second there was none.

Now I’ve got the keyboard, synchronization cables on every system, DataViz’s Word to go, and Filemaker Mobile for it. After two months I’d managed to fill less than 2 of the 8 megabytes it came with. I’m just now beginning to think about the memory cards.

What I think is most impressive is the ability to edit a Word document sitting on a park bench, with a computer and keyboard that will fit into a couple of pockets. And it runs on two AAA batteries-like for a month.

Somebody should show this thing to the folks at Microsoft. Maybe they’d get the point. The bells and whistles and visual pollution of the major software and OS solutions are getting in the way of the information. The text-only feel of the Palm display lets you focus on the words.

And here’s the thing. The OS is 30K.