the all-seeingeyeNot an Online Journal

Something odd is happening here . . .

Without really intending it, this web site-at least in some places-is evolving into something like an online journal. I'm not exactly sure when it happened. I remember that my initial expectation for this space was that it would be a collection of articles on different subjects-each one more or less complete by itself. Never once did I anticipate that a sequential narrative would enter into the picture.

Yet this is what has happened. Oh, not in the way of some folks who've put their entire lives online. But with the start of my 28' sharpie project, I've come to post more often, and with less expositional intent. I think that this may have something to do with working off a backlog of material. Most of what I'd posted to this point has been the past-completed things whose boundaries are easily defined. The present, though, is a different matter. And that is where I find myself now-mostly caught up and in the present.

I can not speak for others of course, but I wonder for how many this is true. How many of us have burned through a pile of static material only to continue right on into our day-to-day lives? This does seem to be true for a few of the folks I read regularly. The opposite can also be true as well. Some work through the thing(s) they had to say, then simply fade away.

A few years back, when I'd just begun to post things on the web, an old friend of mine suggested that I was running a risk putting anything about myself up in public. He felt it made you vulnerable. Well, I'm not stupid. The juicy bits simply are not here. I have no desire to invite any more hassle into my life than the relatively benign material that is here has already generated. I very much doubt that I will ever be inclined to start blogging for that very reason. For some folks the conflict level seems to escalate to the point where it takes over their lives, and I have better things to do than respond to attacks.