the all-seeingeye Austin/Bauss Family Photographs


As mentioned elsewhere, I inherited a suitcase full of loose family photographs and album pages after my father died. He had inherited them from his father just a few years earlier. It took me a few years (hah! more like thirteen) to work out the details of an archiving and storage system for them and to collect all the available information I could about the photographs from my family. Toward the end of that process I found myself in possession of about 4000 digital image files. Since I have the web space and the tools to deal with such a large collection, I thought I'd make them available online for the members of my family-scattered around the country as they are-so that they might see what was in that old suitcase.

The online files are not the complete set. I eliminated most of the duplication and many of the scenic shots, though there are plenty of both still included. (I've got three generations of Old Faithful erupting) They are in file number order rather than sorted by content. As time permits (ha! again) I'll add captions to the images. The images include the contents of that suitcase, and a bunch of material from other branches of my family as well. Be warned, there are 43 index pages with 42 thumbnails of each. Patience while loading this much stuff is necessary over any link slower than a cable modem.

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