the all-seeingeye Studio: Dexter, MI

The studio windows are covered with sliding wood and paper screens patterned after an article I saw in FineWoodworking many years ago.

Outside during construction

From 1983 to 1987 I lived in Dexter, Michigan. To say that the house needed a little work was an incredible understatement. When we bought the house, this 14 X 30 foot room at the back of the house which later became the studio and darkroom had shelf fungus 6 inches deep growing in some of the cabinets. There was a hole in the roof big enough to use as an exit from the attic-which had a large colony of racoons living in it. The price was right, though. The first step was to remove all the drywall from the first floor, set off about a dozen bug bombs, and leave town for a week.