the all-seeingeyeMystic Seaport-Details, 2004

Deck Hardware Attachment

The Charles W. Morgan has a number of ring bolts scattered about her decks. These are secured by a metal wedge driven into a slot cut through the bolt below deck. The bolt end has a sloping block on either side to protect the heads of the crew.

The catch mechanism

Hatch Construction

Aside from being just plain beautiful, the hatches and skylights of the Conrad are very functional. All of the brightwork you see in this picture separates from the ship at a line about 5 inches above the deck. The structure is secured from inside by latches. This allows bulky stuff to be loaded.

Rope Ladder

This rope and wood ship's ladder was on display in the Morgan's blubber hold.

Mast Wedges-Charles W. Morgan

The round mast was secured by tapered wedges where it passed through an octagonal opening in the lower deck.

Photographs from Mystic.