the all-seeingeye Bronze Belaying Pins

(1) Bronze rod with live center.

(2) First cut on pin shaft.

(3) Three passes brings shaft to dimension.

(4) Checking diameter with improvised gauge.

(5) Finish cutting handle on reversed pin.

(6) Facing handle end.

Pangur Ban needs a couple of belaying pins. These will probably go through the beam at the aft end of the cabin top overhang. My plan is to drill a number of through-holes and line them with copper tubing-standard 3/4 inch plumbing. The pins could just as easily be wood, but I had some bronze rod left over from the rudder shaft, and since I'd just moved my lathe to its new quarters, it seemed the perfect chance to check the lathe's alignment.

The straight-sided handles are non-traditional. I'll have to see how I like them. I can always go back and profile them if I want to.