the all-seeingeye Pangur Ban: Mast Shaping-Part 3
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When the lamination has cured, trim the overhanging lamination to match the first layer. Repeat this process, being careful to stagger the scarf joints, until you have sufficient thickness.

Trimming overhanging lamination

Rough planing the first taper.

Plane the mast blank smooth. It's not necessary to get to the final dimension just yet. Leaving the spar a bit "fat" at this stage leaves some room for adjustments to round later on.

I like to start with the sides showing all of the glue squeeze-out. These are the hardest to plane, and the epoxy dulls the blades quickly. The blade I use at this stage is one I touch up on a grinder every once in a while during the day. It's just not worth final honing. When the exposed epoxy is down to just the glue lines in the lamination, then I'll switch to a jack plane with a much finer depth of cut.