the all-seeingeye Pangur Ban: Mast Shaping-Part 1
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I began by scarfing the ends of three pieces of Douglas Fir slightly wider than the finished mast at its widest. These were laid out on my makeshift spar bench, lined up, glued, and clamped between blocks wrapped in polyethylene.

A makeshift scarfing jig


Gluing the scarf

One of the keys to making tight scarf joints is using a razor sharp plane. It will be easier on your arms, and a dull blade makes for a "fat" scarf that gaps and is difficult to close.

This is a shot of my improvised spar bench. Basically nothing more than some pads glued to the floor with some cross pieces to give clamping room. Thankfully, the guy who laid the garage floor some 44 years ago knew what he was doing. That thing is flat and level. When I'm done, a couple whacks with a cold chisel should get the pads back off. The diagonal dimension of the garage is just a few feet longer than the longest mast.