the all-seeingeye Building a Dinghy: Completion
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Progress Report: August 29, 2002

Finally got around to painting the hull. Haven't had much chance to work on it in the last two months. Worked on the house instead, and spent some time in Wyoming at Camp Davis, the field school my department operates.

From the start I had aimed for a workboat finish, and overall she came out fine for a first project. I learned a lot from the process, which was, after all, the whole point. Features of this boat "scale up" to my planned 28' sharpie. Let's see . . .

Lofting and spiling. Not a big change from houses and furniture, except for the curves.

Bending wood. First time for that. I'm usually trying to get the twist out of the board.

Fitting compound angles on curved surfaces.

Oar building. Except for size, there's not much difference between an oar and a spar, so that experience will come in handy.

Brightwork. Never worked with a clear finish meant to survive outdoors before. The seats are a test: 1) is the appearance worth the bother?;   2) will it hold up or need too much maintenance?

Paint. Finished the project with traditional boat paints from George Kirby. Interior is a tan semi-gloss, the exterior bottle green gloss. The paint itself is a joy. It reminds me of the paints of my childhood-thick, creamy and with a huge pigment load. By the time I need to finish the next boat, I'll know how durable this stuff is.

Even got to try a little leatherwork. (See WoodenBoat #148) This should scale up to things like gaff jaws.

So, that's all for now. The plan for this winter is to begin the strongback for the next project. But first, I think I'll get some rowing in.

Storing the dinghy inside proved to be a problem. My solution was to hang it on the back wall of the workshop

July 25, 2003

The Apple Pie paint job is undergoing a scientific weathering experiment. (OK, so I let it fill up with rainwater and stand for a month) So far, so good. There is a bit of mud in the hull, but the paint looks as good as new so far. Right now she's doing double duty as a bathtub to soak mast hoop laminations for my next project.

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