the all-seeingeye Classes at WCC

INP150: Fall 2003

Web Coding 1: An introductory course in (X)HTML and CSS. As a final project I rebuilt the food pages for this website. I later expanded the redesign to the whole site.

CPS120: Fall 2003

Introduction to Computer Science: An introductory course in programming and program design.

CPS171: Winter, 2004

Introduction to Programming with C++: The last time I did any programming, Fortran was the standard, and COBOL was for serious work.

GDT139: Fall, 2004

Illustrator Graphics: My preferred tool has always been Macromedia Freehand-which I've been using since Version 2, when it was Aldus Freehand. I have some experience with Illustrator, but find I could do with a lot more, and I think required course work would get me to play with it.

CIS121: Fall, 2004

Linux/Unix Fundamentals

CIS286: Winter, 2005

UNIX Systems Administration