the all-seeingeye Projects

Usability and Market Studies:

User-Centered Web Design:
Goals, Problems, and Procedures (PDF)

Outline of a program to modernize the web-based information resources of the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Michigan

Potential Graduate Student Survey:
Preliminary Results (PDF)

Results from the first survey of the web expectations of potential graduate students.

Research Projects:

The James McAllaster House

An historically significant home, the McAllaster House house has been cited in numerous architectural publications as one of the best examples of its type of Greek Revival architecture. Despite this, there remains debate as to the exact construction sequence of the house. Since 2000 we have been examining both the historical record and the physical structure in an attempt to work some of these questions out. Publication of the final report is scheduled for 2004.

Bauss Family Photo Archives

Hugo August Bauss (1878-1939) was a photographer, painter, musician, streetcar conductor and odd-job man working in Midland and Detroit Michigan. The family today possesses some 100 of his medium-format negatives and a half dozen sketches and paintings.


Bedrock Geology of Michigan (PDF)

This map is a schematic representation of the bedrock underlying the state of Michigan. It is used in classroom teaching and as part of an installation in the lobby of the C. C. Little Science Building.