the all-seeingeye Richard D. Austin: Jewelry Manuscripts and Clippings

When my father died in 1990, I inherited a fair-sized collection of jewelry-making manuscripts. I've never had any inclination to pursue metalworking myself, so I lack the necessary technical skills to edit his writing in any significant way. It seemed a pity, however, for his writing to stay in boxes in my attic. To that end, I'm posting copies of his manuscripts here, in the hope that they may prove useful to someone. These PDF files are roughly organized in the categories my father had them in when I received them. Duplicates have mostly been eliminated and the best version of each section has been chosen. I can't vouch for the accuracy, completeness, or safety of anything presented in them. They are offered only as historical documents. If you use any technique described, the liability is wholly your own.

Alternative casting techniques, pdf, 1mb

Burn Out, pdf, 750K

Casting, pdf, 2mb

Expansion, pdf, 300K

Illustrations 1, pdf, 3mb

Illustrations 2, pdf, 6mb

Investment 1, pdf, 2mb

Investment 2, pdf, 2mb

Investment 3, pdf, 7mb

Metallurgy, pdf, 3mb

Miscellaneous 1, pdf, 500K

Miscellaneous 2, pdf, 1.7mb

Miscellaneous 3, pdf, 3.5mb

Modeling, pdf, 3mb

Mold Making, pdf, 3mb

Plastics, pdf, 6mb

Safety, pdf, 700K

Technology, pdf, 3.5mb

Tools, pdf, 860K

Wax, pdf, 5mb

Some press clippings, pdf, 4mb

Articles appearing in Gems and Minerals, 1972-1984, pdf, 172k