the all-seeingeye Two Hearted River, Michigan

"I'll tell you what: you don't know the worst of it. This bit of road we're on here? This is the 'wide' part."

August 2007

And this is one of the deeper bits as well.

At the end of some 25 miles of really bad road lies the Rainbow Lodge Canoe Livery. We decided to take the half-day trip that starts at the Reed and Green Bridge. The Two Hearted is one squiggly watercourse. Generally, it runs west to east parallel to Lake Superior, but at any given location it is just as likely to be running north or south. The snags and shallow water make it a bit of a challenge to paddle without having to get out of the canoe to push.

For part of the day we were accompanied by a Great Blue Heron that would fly off then settle somewhere just around the next bend. But the best nature watching moment was the Piping Plover that let us get fairly close before flying off. I've been inside their range just about every year for the last decade, and this is the first one I've seen.