the all-seeingeye Tecumseh, Michigan: Water-Powered Industry

The canal joining Standish Pond and the Globe Mill Pond

Tecumseh's location, and most if not all of its early industry, can be attributed to water and topography. Evans Creek and the River Raisin join here, in an area with sufficient elevation differences to provide the necessary head for water mill operations.

The River Raisin is dammed in two places. One forms Red Mill Pond, and the other Standish Pond. Standish Pond is connected to the Globe Mill Pond by a canal which is first a contour hugging ditch, then a trench cut through a ridge. There is a water level control weir about halfway along the canal which spills into the Raisin.

The Globe Mill Pond is formed by an earth dam just above a bend in the Raisin. It crosses what was once the valley Evans Creek ran through. The Hayden Mill is at the west end of the dam. Another spillway that connects directly to the Raisin is in the middle of the dam.

Indian Crossing Trails Park is the area between the Globe Mill Pond, the Raisin, and the canal-with a strip on the other side of the Raisin as well. It is possible to canoe Globe Pond, the canal, and Standish pond with little difficulty. Above Standish Pond, the River is shallow and crossed by numerous downed trees.

Spillway structure on Globe Mill Pond

Site of ice house on west side of Globe Pond

The Hayden Mill

Below Standish Pond

Red Mill Pond looking North

Spillway at Standish Pond