the all-seeingeye Port Oneida, Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore

Farm and houses at Port Oneida, September, 2006

I think this is one of the least-visited easily accessible parts of the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. This is surprising given that the houses are less than fifty meters from the road, and the old barns are even less. It may be that we almost never encounter another person here because we tend to vacation late in the season.

Like almost all of the structures in the park, these have their windows boarded over. We were fortunate one year to meet a maintenance crew who kindly allowed us to poke around the inside of one of the barns. It had last served as a slaughterhouse for pigs. All of the equipment was where it had last been put down.

I wish I could better share the stillness of that area in the fall. There is a particular scent to the area-a spiciness from the particular meadow plants that is impossible to describe.

If you are curious about the Port Oneida area, I've started to work on a guide map. (still very much in draft form-and huge)