the all-seeingeye The Brisling Pottery

The Brisling Pottery

8925 East Duck Lake Road, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Karl Sporck

July 10 A customer asked me today if I had a web site. I said "what's that?" She looked at me like I was crazy. Rain today, 2003

This brief message is carved in the bottom of a beautiful blue and green serving platter. It seemed appropriate for me. Inscriptions such as these are characteristic of the work of Karl Spork of the Brisling Pottery. He ruminates about the weather, speaks of family events and the doings of his pets. Frequently the message is that "all is well."

The Leleenau Peninsula has been our family destination for a dozen summmers or more. We've stopped at the Brisling Pottery nearly every year, yet only met the potter twice in all that time. His shop works on the honor system. There are instructions for figuring out your bill and how to make payment by check or charge card. And if you should be headed that way, bring old newspapers and paper bags. Karl could use them for wrapping your pots-so says the sign on the back wall.