the all-seeingeyeThe Object in Question: Drafting Tools

Before computers (yes, when dinosaurs roamed the earth), there were precision tools for the task of mechanical drawing. This set was presented to my father by his mentor when he graduated from high school. In 1956 this was what engineering students needed-along with a slide rule. I did my first inked drawings with this set in junior high-sometime around 1974-shortly before dad got his first extremely cranky technical pens. The technology improved such that by the time I began my own career less than ten years later technical pens ruled the profession. Twenty years after that, and I haven't done any hand drafting in more than a decade. I threw away my collection of technical pens some years ago without a single moment of nostalgia for their sleek plastic bodies, but this well-worn set is different. Even without the connection to my father I'd keep it.