the all-seeingeyeThe MacGyver Files: Lathe Move

The balance point is much closer to the headstock even without the milling head.

Shackles can be moved along the chain to balance the load.

Every fitting has at least twice the capacity as the lathe's weight.

The lathe was light enough that the lifting arm could be extended past the legs.

Lifting lathe onto bench

Re-wiring and set up mostly complete.

With the machine shop finished (mostly) it was time to move the lathe from its home in the garage. I stripped off the tailstock and mill head. This lathe has holes through the bed casting designed to take 3/4 inch rods. Some chain and a handfull of shackles, and my handy engine hoist made it easy to lift the lathe off the bench and set it down on some 2X4s with bevelled ends. These formed skids that allowed me to slide the lathe down the concrete basement stairs using a come-along anchored to my truck with tow chains.

Now that it's in the basement, I have to dismantle the hoist and reconstruct it in the machine shop to lift the lathe onto its bench. After that will be several days of re-assembly and rewiring to complete.