the all-seeingeye The MacGyver Files: Punching Bag Bracket-Low Ceiling

Ceiling opening-14 inches square and ten inches deep.

Exterior of box showing 2 inch laminated top.

Interior of the hanging box.

The box installed.

100 pound bag at highest possible hanging position-about right for me, too high for Rachel. 6 inches of chain and a couple of shackles will fix that.

Our plastered basement ceiling is low enough that a heavy bag hung from the ceiling would be brushing the floor. Every inch lost to hanging hardware would count. Besides, I had no idea where the joists were or whether they would hold the sort of heavy duty hardware needed. I figured I could build a heavy duty box that would fit between the ceiling joists and hang the bag from the top of that.

First, though, a little exploratory surgery with a Sawzall to locate the joists. Then I expanded the hole to a square equal to the joist spacing.

With the dimensions known, I picked up a couple of oak stair treads-the fastest way to get some inch thick oak to work with.

I built a box that was a snug fit between the joists and as deep as the joists plus plaster. Then I added a bit of face trim to hide the edges of the hole.

It was a lot easier to varnish before installing. The nuts for the forged eye were potted in epoxy as well.

There are six lag screws, 4 3 inch long wood screws and half a tube of construction adhesive holding the box in place. It should withstand any punching abuse it takes, as well as the added weight of Rachel's nieces trying to hang from the bag as well.