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New Yankee Workshop Fine Woodworking
Woodworkers Journal  


  Porter Cable
Bench Dog Tools  
GarettWade Tools Lee Valley Tools
Grizzly Industrial Leigh Jigs
McFeely's Square Drive Screws a review VanDykes
Woodworker's Supply Kreg pocket screw equipment (review)
MLCS Router Bits RBI Woodworking Tools Hawk Scroll Saws, RouterShop, PanelMaster
D. O. Siever Products real Milk Paint Rockler
Lie-Nielsen Dieter-Schmid, Germany


Matthias Wandel I'm not sure quite how to describe this one. Quirky for sure. Some nice woodworking stuff, and even a homemade pipe organ. Router Woodworking: Pat Warner An author with a machine-tool approach to router jigs and guides.