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Web Design:

Web Pages That Suck dot Com Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
Protecting Webpages

Protecting images and source code from thieves. (hint: can't be done)

Adaptive Path

Usability and Design:

Jakob Nielsen at Edward Tufte

Design Generally:

Peter Merholz

NPS Brochure Design



Bare Bones Software (BBEdit)  

HTML/CSS/XHTML: features technical articles, tutorials and examples of programming for the web.
CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit
ThreeColumnLayouts The question of finding good 3 column layouts comes up in the mail list from time to time. Here are some that I have found, along with a few notations about what features they include and how they work. Position is Everything I'm Big John, and I built this site to explain some obtuse CSS bugs in modern browsers, provide demo examples of interesting CSS behaviors, and show how to 'make it work' without using tables for layout purposes.
Flexible Layouts with CSS Positioning
by Dug Falby
Flexible Layouts with CSS Positioning
by Dug Falby