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Building Ken Bassett's Rascal

Stoney Creek Wooden Boat Shop, Gavin Atkin

The Traditional Small Craft Association's Newsletter: The Ash Breeze

Alistego, an Ian Oughtred Eun Mara

The Caledonia Yawl Crazybird

The Really Small Yacht Site

Open Boat-New Zealand

Norwalk Island Sharpies

The Marine Do-It-Yourselfer

Devlin Wooden Boatbuilders And Designers Of Wood Sailboats Powerboats Rowboats And Hunting Sleds

Free boat plans, online boat plan sources, at

Stimson Marine: a bow-roof shed plan.

Chuck Merrel - Designer of my first boat project: Apple Pie

Kent Island Boat Works

Phil Bolger
Bolger Boats on the net
The Light Schooner

A Bolger Sharpie and Double Eagle

Glen-L Marine Designs Boat plans designed by Glen-L have been used since 1953 by amateur boat builders around the world.

Jim Michalak

Stevenson Projects: Weekender, Vacationer and others

Steve Redmond Sailboats, powerboats, fast rowing boats for the backyard builder. Classic appearance, superior performance, quick construction with innovative builder friendly ultralight plywood and strip planking methods.

Chesapeake Marine Design We offer a wide range of products and services in boat design and engineering including stock plans, custom design services, computer aided manufacturing, and construction support

Harold "Dynamite" Payson Stitch and Tape Instant Boats

Chesapeake Light Craft Kayak and boat plans and kits

George Buehler Yacht Design author of Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding

Gavin Atkin You might be attracted by my list of links to free and cheap boat design resources available around the Web.

Jordan Boats (UK) Boat building and repair services, and for home builders, our plywood plank and frame cutting service.

Simplicity Boats This site is my attempt to offer some inspiration and information, for it was a hand full of inspired amateurs who most encouraged me to take the plunge and build my first boat. If you've been toying with the idea of building a boat, don't wait All plans are for the amateur boat builder and small boat yards. Some plans are for free and some are not, so have a look around.

HR Solutions/PolySails Old Boats: Treasures from the Past Free Boat Plans from the Late 1930's and Early 1940's

Swallowboats Custom designed classic kit boats. Swallowboats make the classic boats Storm Petrel, Osprey, Kittiwake and Sandpiper.  

"My stock in trade is the design and development of a wide variety of wooden boats that are both a pleasure to build and use, and delightful to the eye; from heirloom cradle boats, to utility craft for the sportsman, to more elegant rowing and sailing craft

Warren L. Jordan


Boat Plans & Yacht Design Services, We have boat plans for all sizes, from the 8ft Dixi Dinghy stitch & glue yacht tender to the Hout Bay 70 cruiser, of wood, plywood, fibreglass composite, steel and aluminum.

Butler Projects We are primarily boat builders and usually prefer to be working through the design process with yet another prototype boat, but we have also applied everything we've learned from building boats to a variety of projects including hot tubs, saunas, furniture, heirloom toys, truck campers, cabins and houses.



Duckworks The Online Magazine for Amateur Boat Builders

Messing About in Boats "In an age of information superhighways, Messing About In Boats is a dirt road linking backyard Noahs, would-be circumnavigators, steamboat restorers and weekend racers. It embraces virtually anything that floats!

Chebacco News The Chebacco boats are the brainchild of Phil Bolger, the prolific naval architect of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The are derived from an earlier design of his, called 'Harbinger' - a 15 foot open catboat with a cold-molded hull. is dedicated to the home boat builder, renovator and small boat skipper.  Our Resource Pages -- web sites in their own right -- provide in-depth information, and our Departments add regularly changing content from our users, forming a great on-line community of amateur boatbuilders. This website comes to you out of Auckland, New Zealand and is privately funded website and intended for all like minded enthusiasts of wooden boats.

Home Boatbuilding in the British Isles Boat building projects, designers and boat building suppliers based in the British Isles

Small Boat Forum Got a Small Boat? Got a Picture of your Boat? Need help with Small Boat Project? Want Information on a Small Boat? Have an Opinion about a particular Small Boat? Got a Small Boat Beach Cruiser?
Post your Boating Comments on the Open Forum!

Good Old Boat Magazine Celebrating older-model sailboats - We emphasize pride of ownership.


Jamestown Distributors

Public Lumber, Detroit

Mike Field Wooden Boat Fittings

Resources International Marine Plywood

Raka Epoxy and Fiberglass

Sailrite Sails, sailcloth, sail making tools

Wooden Boat Foundation The proceeds from the sale of our products support the educational programs of the Foundation

Harbor Sales

MAS Epoxy and Fiberglass

System Three Epoxy

Faering Design Copper Fasteners


West System Epoxy

Paul E. Luke

Navigator Stove Works

Star Marine Depot

Online Metals

Bristol Bronze

Anchor Bronze

West Marine

Freeport Marine




Merton's Fiberglass and Marine Supply

ASAP Source
Metal and plastic supplier in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bolt Depot

American Rope and Tar

New England Ropes

C-Flex fiberglass planking Fiberglass Planking is one of the "wonder" materials that has put fiberglass boatbuilding within the reach of amateurs. It is used over a male mold and then covered with fiberglass materials and polyester resin to form the hull.

Boat Leather has specialized in providing attractive and functional leather coverings for boating hardware since 1986

Newman's Knees: Natural Tamarack Knees for Boatbuilding, Timber framing and Furniture

Bronze Online

Hamilton Marine

Bevel Boss: Sunderland Tool

Boatbuilding Projects (the divine madness strikes others):

Crip's Boat Pages

Bruce Hooke This is the boat I am currently building to my own design.
It is 14' long (the longest I can get out of my shop!). The construction is a variation on stitch & glue, with 1/4" mahogany ply for the sides and bottom, white pine for the thwarts, and ash & cherry for most of the other parts...

Jack Clayton

Sailing with Sarah

The Zeiger Family Boat Building Page

Leo's Projects, Building the Phil Bolger AS29

Geezer Boatworks In which CC&BW Browne presents boats different than what you're used to..

Brad's Boats (Building the "Leah Gent") Located between Lenoir and Blowing Rock, North Carolina, we are currently building a 39' Sharpie Riverboat design by Mark Van Abbema.

Stuart Benbow Wooden boatbuilding is something I have only recently discovered . . . I was looking for a sailboat that I could afford, which pretty much meant that I had to build it . . . stumbled upon the Stevenson Projects website while looking for a boat that I, in all of my novice glory could build with little or no help.

Robert's Florida Boatyard: A Bolger Windsprint

Sweetie: It started as a simple idea: Help the locals get from one side of Bonbonon Bay to the other without them having to sit and wait forever, tip over in their bancas when the weather was bad, or be stuck in Tambobo if an emergency of some sort came up because of bad roads. Simple. That simple thought chewed up the next two years of my life.

The scow was designed and built to suit a holiday home that our family visit each year in Poole Harbour in southern England

A Bolger Sharpie and Double Eagle For several years I operated  my  sharpie as a day charter whale watching vessel out of Gustavus, Alaska . The boat is designer Phil Bolger's "Skillygalee" design and was built by Thomas Fulk who commissioned the design.

Phil's Weekender Aloha. Excellent construction photographs with lots of good ideas for any boat.

Building Wee Rob by Paul Kessinger

Other Stuff:

Alexandria Seaport Foundation Through the building and use of wooden boats, the Alexandria Seaport Foundation helps young people turn their lives around and provides families, community groups and schools with meaningful educational, social and recreational experiences.

John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page

Wooden Boat Foundation
Our mission is to celebrate and preserve traditional maritime skills, heritage and culture through education and community participation

Northwestern School of Wooden Boat Building Teaching and preserving fine wooden boatbuilding and other traditional maritime crafts.

Home Boatbuilding in the British Isles Boat building projects, designers and boat building suppliers based in the British Isles

The Cleveland Amateur Boat Building Society (CABBS) The objects of this club shall be to promote and encourage boating, boatbuilding and experimenting with all types of boats, designs, methods and materials of building

Tom Cunliffe, Sailor and Instructor

Rusalka Mist - Long Distance Sail-boat
The world seen from the deck of a 28 ft. cruiser.

Mystic Seaport That's me and my sister at Mystic in about 1969. Returned for a brief visit in 2004.

The New Boatbuilders Home Page Where do I get started if I want to build and sell boats for recreational use? Regulations that affect the Boat builder

Midwest Sailing Thinking that sailing is only a coastal sport?
Think again !
Outside of the Great lakes, the midwest has the largest amount of fresh water acreage in the U.S..

Pioneer Sailing Trust (UK) The Pioneer Sailing Trust was set up in 1999 to restore back to sailing condition the last remaining 1st Class Essex Skillinger Smack Pioneer.

Ramprasad is a 37'6" ferrocement Hartley Golden Cowrie ocean cruising yacht.

Paul Hadley: Building the Lynx 14
Providing quality workshops for both novice and experienced woodworkers in building traditional kayaks, umiaks, canoes, and paddles