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Aaron Hawks

No, it's not work safe.

A Shipwright in Training, Tom Daniels.
Birds of Paradise, by Hans Bauer.
The Forgotten Technology

"I found that I, working alone, could easily move a 2400 lb. block 300 ft. per hour with little effort, and a 10,000 lb. block at 70 ft. per hour. I also stood two 8 ft. 2400 lb. blocks on end and placed another 2400 lb. block on top. This took about two hours per block. I found that one man, working by himself, without the use of wheels, rollers, pulleys, or any type of hoisting equipment could perform the task."

Proof that invoking aliens to explain ancient construction is foolish.

Alistego: An Ian Oughtred design.

Karen Winters

This is Moleskinerie, a blog dedicated to the proposition that not all notebooks are created equal. Its impeccable provenance notwithstanding this site will talk more about the places and adventures, life's little dramas and other forgettable events that otherwise would have been lost were it not scrawled between the pages of these little black books.

Juan de Santa Anna: This is just an incredible photograph.

Post Rapture Post: After the Rapture, we get all their stuff, but they'll get to send us last messages through these guys.

Gorilla Furniture: One of a kind, environmentally sound furniture designs.

The Exile: Moscow-based alternative newspaper

Last Nights Party: proof I'm going to the wrong parties. Though I doubt I'd have the energy.

James Howard Kunstler Author of The Geography of Nowhere and Home from Nowhere

Martin Cooper, photographer. This seemed appropriate given the Olympics.

Olduvai George, illustrator

Elizabeth Siegfried

Oleg Novojilov at

Garr Reynolds' blog on professional presentation design, Presentation Zen