the all-seeingeye Inspired Lunacy

This page is dedicated to the kind of people who consider things most of us wouldl never even have thought of-then go out and actually do them. What would the world be like without people willing to try?

The usual disclaimer applies-they aren't my sites and the contents aren't my responsibility. I don't necessarily endorse the products or views you will find at these sites-in some instances following these folk's example will very likely get you dead under embarrassing circumstances. You go there at your own risk.

Rampant Medievalism


Catapult Riding

Medieval Centre in Denmark

SCA The ultimate in reality separation.

Unusual Constructions

1:20 Scale Working Model of the Graf Spee

Homebuilt Train No, this isn't a model, it's about what to do with all those abandoned rail lines.

1/5 Scale Sherman Tank Just imagine the looks on your neighbors faces when you rumble into the midst of their barbecue in a Panzer, and paste the beer cooler with your 37mm potato cannon. That'll teach 'em to drink Canadian beer on the 4th of July.

1:1 Scale Model of M3 Lee "Lulubelle" "Lulubelle", is a full size wood model of a 1940 M3 Lee Tank built by Jim Romans of Parma, Michigan, USA.

Cautionary Tales

Darwin Awards: When inspired lunacy crosses the line.