the all-seeingeye Graphic Projects

This website is due for a redesign. So, I'm fiddling with graphic bits for different sections of it. Here is the first-a needle and palm whipping graphic.

Topographic and guide map of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

This map is a work in progress, compiling USGS data, guide books, and National Park Information. PDF version (10MB)

Schematic map, North Manitou Island, Michigan

This map was created from several sources-guidebooks, USGS Quadrangles, and a map from the 1930s.

Links to larger image.

This turn-of-the-century panorama of the Baltoro Glacier was water spotted, torn, and had obvious splice lines where the panels had been glued together. I started with 4X5 transparencies shot of overlapping sections, scanned them to a Professional Photo CD, then did the work in Photoshop. The original and final print out were 19 inches by 110 inches.

A long time ago and in a galaxy far away, there was a theater group in Ann Arbor known as the Lord Chamberlain's Players. As far as I know, they never did this play-certainly not while I was involved.

This poster was produced as a classroom exercise in Illustrator. The figure is based on a portrait photo from 1998.

Technical drawing of a 19th century rope ladder.

Bedrock Geology of Michigan

Bedrock Geology of Michigan (pdf version)
This large map is on display in the lobby of the C. C. Little Science Building.

Worldwide volcano and earthquake distribution

Maps of worldwide earthquake and volcano distribution for an installation in the lobby of the C. C. Little Science Building

Photo Notes Series
Photo Notes is a series of short essays in PDF format on various photographic topics illustrated with examples from my own work.

Shop Notes Series
Shop notes is a series of how-to or design-related articles in PDF format.

Billboards for Camp Davis

Dingbats and Printer Marks
Some digital renderings of printer's marks

Web Projects

Web site to promote Uncertain Science . . . Uncertain World, by Henry Pollack.

XHTML and CSS/SSI Food Section as an exercise for INP150

Older Work

These are examples of some other things I've done over the years.

Ribbon-tied, hardcover print folio in satin and natural canvas.

A portfolio box for a friend's final photography project.

Still Life of rare books for the University Library system.

Event invitation for the Clements Library, University of Michigan. The asymmetric fold allows for two colors on the "front" without having to run more than one color per side. Illustrations were taken from copies of Harpers in the Clement's collections.

Schematic diagram of a Navajo loom.

When I was in high school I developed a fascination with weaving technology. This is a drawing I made for myself of the threading and setup for a Navajo blanket loom. The tensioning mechanism in Navajo looms is incredibly effective for all its simplicity.