This is a very traditional Scandanavian method for curing salmon. The results are similar to the more commonly known lox.

1) Mix together salt, sugar, and pepper.

2) Place one half of salmon on a large piece of aluminum foil, skin down.

3) Cover with half of the salt mixture.

4) Cover with dill.

5) Cover with remaining salt mixture.

6) Drizzle with vodka.

7) Lay remaining piece of salmon on top, skin side up, with its thick end over lower piece's thin end.

8) Fold foil over salmon and wrap tightly, sealing well.

9) Wrap in a second piece of foil.

10) Place in a shallow dish, cover with a weighted cutting board and refrigerate for 24-48 hourse, turning salmon over every 12 hours.

11) Unwrap salmon and remove dill and spices. Serve by slicing thinly on a 45 degree angle.

12) Serve with honey-mustard and ice-cold vodka.


Dale Austin
All images and text copyright 1977-2003 Dale Austin

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