the all-seeingeye Dale Austin: Some Pictures

Well now, it wouldn't be an ego site without a few pictures of me, would it?

My first camera, 1967

Gallery opening, 1985

An archaeological dig-Midland, Michigan, ca. 1975

About 1966, art lessons with Vivian Wiliams.

About 1963

With my sister, Copper Harbor, Michigan, ca. 1977

With my sister, Badlands, 1976

With my sister, Arkansas, 1968

Midland, Michigan, ca. 1968

Christmas, Coshocton, Ohio, ca. 1968

My first snow, Sierras, California, 1962/3

Outside Colorado Springs, 1976

Sunrise, Lower Falls, Tahquamenon, July 2007

Tahquamenon, 1980s

Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore-Tweddle/Treat Farmhouse, Michigan, October 2006

Midland, Michigan, Mid 1970s

Menominee, Michigan, 1970

Christmas, 1994?

Rock climbing, 1975

Rocky Mountain National Park, 1976

Copper Harbor, Michigan, ca 1977