the all-seeingeye USSR, 1977

My high school was fairly unusual in that it offered Russian as one of its languages. Three of us, along with about 60 other students, mostly from Vermont, took a summer term in the Soviet Union, with additional time spent in Amsterdam, Vienna, Helsinki, and Paris.

St. Petersburg. At that time, Leningrad. Know as the Venice of the North for its canals. Has many of the same problems-it's sinking, and the water is foul.

The domes of Zagorsk Monastery

Interior view of the Hermitage Museum

Obligatory tourist shot of St. Basil's, Moscow

Just about the only country architecture we were allowed to see, and that only from a speeding bus on its way from one Intourist-approved site to another.

Ever wonder what Soviet tourists do?

Budapest, Hungary. My usual breakfast was most of a loaf of bread and half a kilo of butter-yes, I gained weight.

The view from my Parisian garret window. Four narrow flights of stairs, or a decrepit elevator to get there. I remember the most god awful wallpaper-huge flowers of all colors and sizes on every oddly-sloped wall.