the all-seeingeye Friedrich Wilhelm and Dorothea Catharina (Griem)Hacker

Ancestors of Hugo Herbert Bauss

Friedrich Wilhelm Hacker (Born and died in Germany)
Dorothea Catharina Griem (Born and died in Germany)

They were the parents of John Hacker, born in Germany, September 23, Died July 2, 1902. Married in Germany to Katherine Griem. Katherine Griem was born January 25, 1814. Died December 4, 1904. They are both buried in a cemetery in Amherst, Ohio. They lived with their son Henry Haker for some time before they passed away.

Among their children was their son Henry Hacker. The name was for some reason changed to Haker at this point in history, probably to avoid confusion in America with the pronunciation of the name. Born in Germany April 13, 1853. Died in the spring of 1924 in Midland, Michigan.

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