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Recollections of My Mother

by Herbert Bauss - December 11, 1974.

Recollections of my mother's activities were of many dress-making customers who kept her very busy. Early recollections were of the many stories she told of traveling to her customers in Beaver over clay roads in the spring, when the driver had to stop the horse and buggy on occasions to clear clay from the buggy wheels, because, they had become so wide they rubbed on the buggy. Also, the horses hoofs had to freed from the mass of clay adhering to each. Many times the roads were so bad that the only travel was by foot. In winter the road past the homestead was used by log hauling sleighs and kept iced by sprinkling with water during freezing weather.

September holidays consisted of expeditions to pick blueberries in the marshes in Larkin Township usually in mid-July. Mosquitos were plentiful and painful, and at night the only way to enjoy the out-of- doors was to sit in the smoke of a "smudge fire" of green brush, which gave one the aroma of a well smoked ham. Oil of Citronella used as a repellent, worked to repel friends as well as insects. The once a week newspaper was augmented by the party line telephone which served the neighborhood - each party having a coded ring for identification of calls.