the all-seeingeye2007 Archive

October 2007

Juvenile Red Tail Hawk, Glen Arbor, Michigan.

October 26

We spent a long weekend camping at one of our favorite spots: Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. Most days, we stop by the Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company for our afternoon caffeine fix. One afternoon this juvenile Red Tail was perched less than fifty feet away from the patio, scanning the weeds below for a meal.

Sandhill cranes near Manchester, Michigan.

October 10

Mudroom bench.

October 8

Roughed out a bench for the mudroom. A place to sit down and tuck your shoes under.

Putting the order in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

October 5

From time to time I get on a filing kick. The OCD flares up and off I go to the nearest office supply store. It's not enough that everything has a place-it has to be visibly labeled as well.

Yes, the color of the binder and the illustration on each means something.

Parrel bead turning.

October 1

Turned parrel beads for the boat project.

September 2007

September 24

Do not come between a Nazgul and his prey . . .

Cabin interior.

September 25

The interior of the boat is coming along nicely.

August 2007

Parking lot, Wyndham Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas

August 22

The Red Cross assigned me as a driver to the Hurricane Dean Staging Area, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Finished mudroom.

Cardboard mock-up of boat tent.

August 13

Finished some of the last detail work on the mudroom. This leaves: the foyer, laundry, and three rooms in the basement to finish.

Got in some time over the weekend on the boat.

July 2007

Mill Creek State Park.

Transport racks for masts

July 30, 2007

We took a week off and wandered around the Upper Peninsula. We stayed at Tahquamenon, the Pictured Rocks, and Fayette, with a day spent at Mill Creek State Park

Looked at a shipwreck on the shore of Lake Superior. And a couple of nice boats in Grand Marais.

July 2, 2007

If you've been keeping track, you'll know that this week is the fourth anniversary of the boat project. I can at least see the end in my mind, though it's going to be some time yet before she hits the water. Best guess is completion sometime in late fall of this year, and a launching in the spring.

The mudroom closet

My life would be incomplete without a house project going as well. Work has begun on finishing out the mudroom.

June 2007

The mizzen mast is complete. The main will be done within a week or two.

April 2007

Renovation progress.

March 2007

What do I do if I want to fill an 18 oz cup?

When the English Language collides with the Lawyering class . . .

February 2007

An archaeological dig-Midland, Michigan, ca. 1975

Me, outside Colorado Springs, 1976

Koster excavation, Illinois, 1977

In the last month I've probably scanned 5000 negatives and slides. I'd forgotten about a lot of them. The scanning process has had its challenges. I was forced to modify the scanner to accommodate older mounts in poor condition.

January 2007

The lumber schooner Alvin Clark, August third, 1969

I've been (slowly) scanning my way through thousands of rolls of film and slides. I came across these shots of a schooner which had a significant impact on my life.

Me and a carronade, USS Constitution, Boston Harbor

Another event which shaped my interest in sail-a tour of the east coast which included a stop at the Constitution.