the all-seeingeyeMcAllaster House-Renovations: Living Room, Part 1

January 2006

Full size layout to verify size

Screws as reference points on floor

Center-bored dowels cut to match exposed screw lengths glued to floor

Leveled plywood base for cabinet, with electrical rough-in for cabinet and moved light fixtures

At the end of a very long day

Top shelf framed in

Side walls framed

Drywall hung

Joints taped

Wallpaper at last gone.

The pictures here show the start of the wall unit. One of the major issues with a 167 year old house is the lack of plumb, level, or square surfaces. My favored technique is to draw out the plan full size on the walls and floor to check for conflicts and make sure the scale is right. I lay out a pattern of long drywall screws where the cabinet uprights will be, and level the heads to match the high spot under the cabinet. Large dowels are cut to match the height of the screws and bored to fit over them. These are glued to the floor, and a plywood base is glued and screwed down over them. Now you have a level floor to work from.

A bit of work with a Sawzall left openings for the electrical boxes which would protrude from the rear of the unit as well as the relocated light fixture wiring. I prefabricated 5 units of two different widths from 3/4 inch MDF. The lower halves are for speakers and drawers, a bit like the dining room china cabinet. Eventually, these cabinets will have glass doors as well-though that will be at least a year from now.The upper sections will have shelves supported on shelf pins. Those five units have 720 1/4 inch holes on 1 inch centers bored in them with a plunge router.

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