the all-seeingeye James McAllaster House: Living Room: Pre-Renovation

January, 2006

The living room, like most of the house when we bought it in 1999, was last decorated in 1988. It is long overdue. The wallpaper is faded and full of small holes where several generations of tenants have hung pictures. The plan for this room is a large built-in cabinet to hold the television and stereo set-ups as well as all the other day-to-day electronics stuff. The room will be painted tavern tan with white trim. I hope to be able to hang a number of prints and one original from Kristin Hurlin. All the drapes and blinds have to go as well, which won't be cheap, given the door-sized windows in this room.

The renovation:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4