the all-seeingeyeJames McAllaster House, Exterior Work

Masonry removed and rotted sill jacked up-temporary bridge beam secured to studs.

Removing rotted sill plate-note mortise and tenon joint for stud.

Damaged masonry and sill removed, and bridge jacked up at ends.

Filling in the masonry-with a gap left for a single hydraulic jack.

Laminated replacement sill installed.

Trim and some damaged siding replaced.

August 8, 2005

No project is ever completed without a surprise. During the porch rebuild, I found that a section of the masonry was damaged and the sill above it badly rotted, so, had to jack up the front of the house slightly, demolish the bad bits, and rebuild the structure. Now I'm waiting for the mortar to reach full cure strength before settling the wall back down.

August 29, 2005

After setting the house back down, I had to strip off the bottom few courses of siding where they'd shattered under the lifting load. Took the time to copper-sheath the face of the sills to form a drip edge under the skirting board and that run up the joists behind the lowest course of siding. All of that is done now, and we are back to scraping, filling and priming the house before having it painted. The boat project has spilled over into the house project a bit, as I've found that epoxy fairing compound is wonderful for filling damaged areas of the siding. (mostly nail holes and the surface damage from an over-enthusiastic power cleaning)

September, 2005

Hurricane Katrina relief work forestalls any further work for the month.

December, 2005

The project lies dormant for the winter. Next summer we'll be painting the outside, and possibly replacing the front walk.