the all-seeingeyeJames McAllaster House, Portico

April, 2005

The floor of the portico has been leaking into the old coal bin for years. Shortly after moving in, I quickly top-coated the deck with fiberglass and epoxy and reinforced the joists from below, knowing that this was, at best, a temporary measure. The time has come to replace the portico structure with something a bit more weather-tight, and without the sag which causes water to puddle in the middle of the porch whenever it rains hard.

Since the renovation affects the exterior of the house, I'll have to go through the historic district folks to get a permit.

May 13, 2005

Quick meeting with the historic folks, and permit approved. I won't start right away though, I've agreed to wait to make a huge mess of the front yard until after the annual home tour.

May 23, 2005

The renovation has begun.