the all-seeingeyeJames McAllaster House, Landscaping-In Progress

July, 2006. Landscaped the area behind the house. As you can see, we are also preparing for a repainting job.

Summer, 1999.

I have a deep visceral loathing for lawns-at least when I have to maintain them. Any time I can uproot and turn over grass I will. My long-term yard plan is to cut the grass area by better than half overall. Thus it was with great pleasure that I rolled landscaping cloth over about 500 square feet of grass this last month in order to create an informal wooded area covered in mulch with a pea-gravel path running through it.

I've added a weeping redbud, butterfly bush, and a hydrangea to the peonies, sage, iris, lilies, and coneflowers already there.

The long-term plan includes a Japanese-style gazebo placed in the foreground area of these two pictures.